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united-logo-brightAt United Laboratory Services we provide all of our clients with reliable laboratory testing services. It is our core mission to offer our community impeccable lab service in South Florida from Miami to West Palm Beach. We have quality control and quality assurance programs in place so we can meet the highest industry standards within the state of Florida. Our licensed supervisor regularly monitors our laboratory testing in Miami. In fact, all aspects of our testing processes are monitored including post analytical, analytical, and pre-analytical. We are AHCA certified and dependable. As a clinical laboratory in Miami we keep our services affordable and convenient so we can build relationships with our customers that are meant to last a lifetime.

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Turn to us if you need the services of a blood lab in Miami. We are dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the physicians that depend on us for accurate and reliable laboratory services. When it comes to blood testing we are committed to providing excellent results for blood work in Miami. We also offer convenient home phlebotomy services to patients who need blood drawn for blood testing in Miami. Do you need equipment and supplies for your office or home care service? We can provide you with everything you need to collect, order, and transport samples to our blood test labs in Miami. Our courier service will deliver the supplies you’ve ordered in a timely manner so you get the supplies you need precisely when you need them. Our services are extremely confidential and never given to the patient. All results are promptly report to the physician who ordered them within strictly followed HIPPA guidelines.

Our Specimen Collection Services Include the Following:

  • General Specimen Collection
  • Serum Preparation
  • Urine Collection
  • Plasma Preparation

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Core Mission

Committed to providing reliable service to our customers. Quality Laboratory testing to the community with affordable pricing.


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are in accordance with the standards set by the state of Florida. A licensed Supervisor regularly monitors them. All processes and aspects of testing are monitored, including Pre Analytical, Analytical, and Post Analytical.


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United Laboratory Services

Reliable laboratory testing in Miami is available at United Lab Service. Accuracy is a key factor in any lab work including blood testing in Miami. Using a dependable blood lab in Miami has very clear benefits. The key benefit of using a test lab in Miami is that the lab will strive for complete reliability and will have a quality assurance structure in place to ensure that information is accurately presented. This reduces overall risk. Errors in blood work in Miami result either from technician error or misappropriation of the specimen, which can be very costly in more ways than one. We provide reliable results to patients and physicians. Our lab is committed to quality control practices that best serve our physician clients and their patients. We take the necessary steps to protect and respect the specimens and ensure that all testing exceeds industry standards. Here at United Lab Service, we are continuously evolving and growing to best serve our client base. We offer a wide range of courtesy services as part of our testing services, like visiting patients at home when requested for phlebotomy services and giving fast results to physicians that quick notification. Our company always keeps lines of communication open, and we have strict quality control standards in place. If you need professional lab testing services you can depend on, we are the go to source. Our goal is to ensure that we do our part to minimize risk to patients by performing testing that delivers accurate results with each and every sample!
United Laboratory Services
United Laboratory Services3 days ago
Patients really need help with these results. 63% of interviewees didn't get an explanation of their test results; and nearly 46% conducted online searches for more information about their results.
United Laboratory Services
United Laboratory Services3 days ago
The potential benefit of testing more patients for HIV in a more convenient manner is very attractive for disease prevention purposes. The researchers hope to replicate these results in larger studies in the future that include many more participants and samples.
United Laboratory Services
United Laboratory Services1 month ago
In countries with developed medical infrastructure, the use of breast fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) cytology has had its share of challenges over the past 20 years, among them the use of core needle biopsies