About Us

Lab testing servicesCore Mission

Committed to providing reliable service to our customers. Quality laboratory testing to the community with affordable pricing.

Core Values

  • Concern and respect for patient’s samples. All samples represent living people!
  • Dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our physicians.
  • Committed to excellent service in the healthcare field.

qualityQuality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are in accordance with the standards set by the state of Florida. A licensed Supervisor regularly monitors them. All processes and aspects of testing are monitored, including Pre analytical, Analytical and Post Analytical. These monitoring procedures help us assure that results provided to our clients are of the highest quality and reported in a timely fashion. Our Laboratory is AHCA certified.

Phlebotomy Services

Phlebotomy is provided in our Laboratory during regular business hours.  We also provide home service to your patients as an added convenience.

Supplies and Equipment

ULS will provide it’s clients with supplies and equipment for the purpose of collecting, ordering and transporting samples to the Laboratory for testing. Our Courier Service Representative will deliver all supplies. We have the latest in laboratory equipment to ensure that the tests are accurate.

Here are some of our lab equipment:

Chemistry Analyzer DxC 800 | Beckman Coulter

Chemistry Analyzer DxC 800 | Beckman Coulter

AU 680 | Beckman Coulter

AU 680 | Beckman Coulter

Dynex DSX Automated ELISA System

Dynex DSX Automated ELISA System

beckman-microscan- autoscan-4

Microscan Autoscan-4 | Beckman Coulter





Critical and Panic Values

After confirmation of panic values, ULS will promptly notify the ordering physician. ULS will offer customized calls for any values that a physician may need.

Abnormal Results

Abnormal results are repeated by our technologist(s) and it becomes part of the QA program. We will also repeat a test at the request of the Physician. Results that are outside of the system’s linearity will be repeated by dilution. Protocols are defined and available upon request. Results that may be affected by sample integrity are reported as such to the client.


No results are reported to the patient. Results are only reported to the Physician. ULS follows all HIPPA guidelines.